Saliwell & Salipen Devices to treat Dry Mouth

One of the Primary Complaints in the Dental Office is Dry Mouth or Xerostomia.

Many of us don’t think about it, but when we don’t have enough saliva it can cause problems such as:

  • Increasing your chance of developing dental decay and other infections in the mouth

  • Teeth absorbing fewer minerals like calcium and fluoride that are needed to keep teeth strong

  • Causing difficulties in tasting, chewing, swallowing, and speaking


There are many causes of dry mouth, some of which are:

  • Over-the-counter medication

  • Chemotherapy

  • Head & neck radiation

  • Sjögren syndrome

  • Snoring or breathing open mouthed

  • Health problems, such as HIV/AIDS or diabetes


Saliwell is the first FDA approved Intraoral electro stimulation device that provides safe and effective relief of dry mouth by stimulating the salivary gland. The Saliwell electrostimulation device consists of a mouthpiece made to fit loosely on the patient's mandibular dental arch and an infrared remote control.

The electrodes within the custom made mouthpiece stimulate the lingual nerve. By doing so, the cranial nerves V (trigeminal nerve), VII (facial nerve), and IX (glossopharyngeal nerve) are stimulated. This activates the salivary glands, which then generate saliva